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The Free Library is preventing homeownership

What would you think if you were turned down for a mortgage because your son checked out a library book on his account five years ago and failed to return it, even though you’ve already paid all of the fines?  Unfortunately, this is a very real scenario in Philadelphia. The city is fighting a rapid … Continue reading »

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Don’t pay junk fees when buying a home

The paperwork involved in buying a home or investment property can be overwhelming.  First the bank hits you with round after round of documentation requests.  Then you get to closing and there’s a huge stack of papers to sign.  When you finally get to the settlement sheet, which is the form that lists out all … Continue reading »

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Why doesn’t Philly have more homeowners?

Many Philly residents are lighting money on fire by renting. For most middle-class areas in America, buying a home is a financial tradeoff between long-term benefits and higher short-term payments. Houses in the suburbs are priced such that a monthly mortgage payment is significantly higher than rent.  On the other hand, homeowners get the benefit … Continue reading »

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The Internet and Your Net Worth

“Your digital self can make it difficult to get credit or insurance” Did you know the types of online ads that are aimed at you are developed using your personal data?  And do you know where this data comes from?  Yup!  You!  Pretty much everything you type, upload, download, and reload is captured by Facebook, … Continue reading »

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